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Toyota Genuine Motor Oils

You can prolong the life of your Toyota and increase its performance by insisting on Toyota Genuine Motor Oil – the lifeblood of your engine - at your next service. Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is customized according to your model and formulated to the highest standards and specifications to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Toyota Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid

Toyota Genuine ATF is manufactured specifically for the automatic transmissions of a Toyota vehicle. Using any other brand of ATF in a Toyota product which requires genuine ATF Type T-IV will seriously affect the performance by way of shift shocks, reduced acceleration and torque, reduced clutch life and will ultimately damage the transmission. It is very important that only Toyota Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid be used in your Toyota vehicle.

Toyota Genuine Super Long Life Coolant

Toyota Genuine coolants are specifically designed to ensure optimum performance of your vehicle at the same time providing excellent corrosion protection. This in turn gives your engine a long life.

Toyota Genuine Brake Fluids

Specially designed by Toyota engineers to give superior performance for all Toyota brake systems, Toyota Genuine Brake Fluid provides a higher 'Wet Boiling Point' which simply means that it provides maximum performance under extreme conditions. It also contains additives to prevent corrosion, sludge formation and brake fluid leakage.

Toyota Genuine Injector Cleaner

Toyota Genuine Diesel injector Cleaner is specially designed for all diesel engines including common-rail engines. It Delivers the optimal performance of Toyota engines and is Easy to use, Restores mileage and acceleration performance, stabilizes idling, reduces exhaust emissions, black smoke and improves low temperature starting. It also improves lubricity performance and corrosion protection Stemming from the fact that Toyota stand for the highest standards in quality, durability and reliability, Toyota Kenya (Tken) always promotes the use of only Toyota Genuine Parts & Products.

Genuine parts and lubricants extend the life of vehicles, reduce the possibility of failure on the road and guarantee a safer driving experience. Moreover, they provide the customer the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are relying on parts engineered to the highest quality and most rigorous standards.

With such precise engineering, it is paramount to have a support mechanism offering a very articulate Inventory system. The storage facility at the Toyota Kenya is comprehensive and keeps almost all parts in stock. TKEN maintains a comprehensive parts stock of 18,000 line items and assures its customers the highest parts availability in the market (approximately 90 percent). The TKEN warehouse is supported and replenished from a regional base in South Africa, which holds genuine parts from Japan, thereby, cutting down lead items for restocking to a maximum of only three weeks

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