Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Toyota East Africa and Toyota Kenya?
As of 1st April 2011 Toyota East Africa Ltd. changed its name and will operate as Toyota Kenya Ltd.
How do I find the name of the closest Toyota branch or dealer closest to my area?
There is a Find Us tab on this website. To search, click _____ to locate.
Does Toyota Kenya have financing or leasing options?
Yes, please contact our in-house financing arm, Tsusho Capital by calling +254 20 6967722/3, Monday to Friday from 8.30am-5pm. Or Visit our offices at: Uhuru Highway, Opposite Nyayo Stadium Nairobi
How long will it take to process my credit application?
Your application will be processed within the next business day. Purchasing a Toyota Vehicle
I would like to purchase a Toyota vehicle. Where do I start?
We suggest that you visit a Toyota branch or dealer or go to the Showroom section of this website.
Where do I find information on the required maintenance for my Toyota vehicle?
You can find information on vehicle maintenance in your Owner´s Manual Supplement, or go to the Service section of this website.
What is the warranty coverage on Toyota vehicles?
For information on the warranty coverage for your Toyota vehicle, please refer to your Toyota Owner´s Manual Supplement or go to the Warranty section and select one of the available warranty options. If you have further question reds, please go to Contact Us.
Are the tyres on my Toyota vehicle warranted by Toyota Kenya?
No. Tyres originally installed on your Toyota vehicle are warranted by the respective tyre manufacturer. For contact information on specific tyre manufacturers, please Contact Us.
Where can genuine Toyota parts be purchased?
Genuine Toyota parts and accessories are sold through the Parts Department of Toyota branches and dealers. The Parts Personnel at your Toyota Parts Centre can determine the availability and price of the parts and accessories required, and can assist in the processing of your order.
Are genuine Toyota oil filters better for my Toyota?
There may be differences between genuine Toyota filters and aftermarket filters. Genuine Toyota filters are designed and engineered to fit Toyota vehicles specifically and to maintain the filtration of dirt or particles within the oil to match the recommended oil change interval of 5000 km. Aftermarket filters may not have the same fit or be manufactured to the same standards as genuine Toyota filters and may cause engine concerns.
Are genuine Toyota parts competitive in price?
We continually compare our pricing to other manufacturers and the aftermarket. In many instances our price is comparable to the aftermarket. Note: For more information on Toyota parts, go to the Parts section on this website
If I add an aftermarket accessory or part to my vehicle, will it be covered under warranty?
No. Non-Genuine Toyota Parts, or any damage or failures resulting from their use, are not covered by any Toyota warranty. Only Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories are covered by the Toyota Replacement Parts and Accessories Warranties.
What do the different Toyota model names mean?

Here is a list of meanings of recent and current Toyota model cars, trucks and SUVs.

  • Yaris – Named after Charis, a goddess in Greek mythology, who was a symbol of beauty and elegance. “Ya” refers to the German expression of agreement, symbolizing the ca´s broad appeal in styling and representative of Toyota´s next generation of global cars.
  • Corolla – Named after the outer envelope or crowning portion of a flower.
  • Camry – Comes from kan-muri, the Japanese word for crown.
  • RAV4 – Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD.