UN/NGO & Diplomatic Sales Department

We wish to introduce the Toyota Kenya Limited - UN/NGO & Diplomatic Sales Department as an independent Department from the retail Sales Department. UN/NGO and Diplomatic Sales Department specifically caters for all UN bodies, Registered Non-Governmental Organizations, Embassies and Diplomats as our very special clientele giving them support with all their motor vehicle requirements.

We have a tailor-made special price (Based on and sometimes cheaper than IAPSO & Toyota Gibraltar price levels) exclusively for you with special prices from our parent company Toyota Japan.

The benefits of buying vehicles locally:–

  • You buy a unit that you can see physically either from our showroom or bonded warehouse.
  • We clear the unit for you within the shortest period of time usually 7-21 days after receipt of exemption letter. (No Delays or Customs charges for bad documentation or delays)
  • You save on time because we come to your office for presentations and documentation issues.
  • You have a chance to test-drive a similar car that you intend to buy.
  • We handle both Duty Free and Duty Paid units at discounted competitive prices.
  • All vehicles supplied by Toyota Kenya Limited are of African specification and therefore better suited to local conditions
  • Contact: UN.NGO.Diplomaticsales@toyotakenya.com

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