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Free Service

Yamaha offers top of the range Service. We have experts at hand to help with this. We offer FREE service at 500KM and 3000KM.
Also during our road trips, we offer service to any motorbike irrespective of the make,model or manufacturers

21 Checklist Service

  1. Clean/replace Spark Plug and resent the gap if necessary.
  2. Check valve clearance, adjust if necessary.
  3. Check and tune carburetor, set the idle RPM, as recommended. Check for the easy operation of Choke Level.
  4. Check Fuel Cock and Fuel Filter. Check for any cracks or damage on Fuel Hose.
  5. Clean / Change Air Filter Element, lubricate with (4T) oil if applicable Replace Engine Oil and check for any leakages.
  6. Check operation of Front and Rear Brakes, adjust if necessary. Grease the brake cam.
  7. Check operation of Clutch, adjust if necessary
  8. Check Brake Fluid Level in Reservoir. (if applicable)
  9. Check for Wheel Run out / Spokes looseness (if applicable), repair if necessary.
  10. Check Wheel Bearings (Front & Rear) for looseness, damage.
  11. Check for Steering looseness / tightness, adjust if required
  12. Check for Front Fork operation / oil leakages, repair if required.
  13. Check for Rear Shock Absorber operation
  14. Check chain slackness, alignment. Adjust if necessary. Clean and Lubricate.
  15. Clean Battery, check electrolyte level and proper routing of breather pipe.
  16. Check / tighten bolts and nuts
  17. Check all electrical operations.
  18. Check / adjust air pressure in Front and Rear Tires
  19. Lubricate all pivot points
  20. Road test Motorcycle

Yamaha Services Lounge

Yamaha Workshop Lounge Yamaha Workshop Lounge
Yamaha Workshop Lounge Yamaha Workshop Lounge